Friday, August 2, 2013

Mister Oroku Saki

I can't get enough of this picture, so, sorry for the repeat.

I love animals and it's not a secret. If it weren't for Brandon's insistence on keeping our cat population down I think we would have reached a large number of animals by now. But alas, the things you do for love. Just kidding.
A little over a week ago I was watching one of our cats out the back window and saw her stalking something. This is a common occurrence so I didn't think much of it until I went out to see what she was after. Well. It was a kitten. Man, that thing sat there until Pita was right up on it, full on attack mode, and with the combination of my screams at Pita once I realized what was going on and the fact that there was a 5 year old monster attacking her, it ran away. I kept my cats inside after that (mean ol' grump) and I started putting food out for the little thing. Turns out there were two of them, about four weeks old by the looks of them, and no momma that I could see. Another cat had kittens a couple of months ago, and any time you walked within 10 feet of any of her babies, Mumma Kitty would come out and let you know what was what. She was sweet and let me pet her, but she was the boss. That's usually how it is, even when you have kittens in your home. Anyway, two kittens and no momma.
The next day I walked out to put more food out and one of the kittens was laying there drinking out of the bowl of water, the other one was nearby, but ran pretty quickly when I walked up. I stepped closer and closer, not wanting to make it run by any sudden movements (I just laughed out loud at the way that sounded), and I walked right up to it and picked it up. Now. Have any of you ever been around a wild kitten? Tell me how many times that has happened to you. I can tell you without you telling me. Never. Ever. I mean, ever. Heck, there are a lot of times I can't do that with my own cats. So I picked it up and brought it inside because it was just skin and bones (and fur). I ran to the vet and got some kitten formula and fed it with a dropper, thinking that I could nurse it back to health. I kept it for a day and ended up taking it to the vet because it wouldn't eat anymore and couldn't walk because there was something wrong with its leg. That poor thing just broke my heart. Well, Brandon and I are not made out of money...and it was a stray that we had only had for a day, so when we took it in and there were all these things they had to do and they offered to keep it, help it and find it a good home, we took them up on it. We wouldn't have been able to help it at home, so we felt like that was the best place for it.
But back at the ranch: I made it my mission to catch that other kitten. If the first kitten broke my heart with everything that was wrong with it, the one that was left broke my heart more because not only does it not have a momma (and at four weeks you need one), but now it was all alone because I took its sibling away. I think everyone and everything needs companionship and it just pulled at my heartstrings too much, so I sat outside and tried to catch it. Well. I sat, and I sat and I sat. I sat there with the crate nearby with food in it for hours, but he wasn't going to have anything to do with it while I was anywhere nearby. Fast forward 2 days and the clever finagling of a cat carrier, a string, a stick, and a bowl of wet cat food, and we had ourselves a caught kitten.
Well, that was about the summation of the next day.

I have to share these videos too because they are just too cute:

It wasn't until the next day that we got a little progress:

I let Brandon name him (I "let" Brandon name him? Yes, I let him name him. Cats are usually my domain and I had already come up with a name for him, but I wanted Brandon to name him. So he came up with Oroku Saki. Now, Brandon fussed at me for not knowing off the top of my head who that was, claiming it to be a "household name" but I call false on that. Falsehood and lies. Turns out it's the real name of the Shredder. Now, if you don't know who the Shredder is, then shame on you. Look it up. I at least guessed the right genre and even the right story just from Oroku Saki! But I guessed the wrong Sensei.
Now, the real trick is for you to guess where the Mister comes from... That's a remnant from what I was going to name him. But looking at him now, he's much more of an Oroku Saki. My little Mister.

So now we have another cat:

He is such a sweet little thing. Oh, and just for good measure, in-case you missed this picture already:

I am such a nerd.
The end.

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